Monday, October 17, 2011


- Meboreen Mary Thongni

From the moment that I saw you,
You really touched my heart,
As time passes by,
You came closer to my heart.
Promises you made to me;
You said you’d never leave me;
But why at this moment;
You stay away from me.

Chorus: Why oh! Why tell me why
You broke your promises, oh why
You walked away like this oh why,
Please oh please tell me why.

The moments that I’ve shared with you,
They’ll never fade away,
The love and the care;
I will always spare.
Oh my love I can’t forget,
The way you hold my hand;
You whispered in my ears;
Saying that you truly love me;
But why at this moment;
You leave me away.

Bridge: Imagining those days I cry;
Why have I been such a fool?
Why can’t I understand?
You just played away, you played with me.
You hurt my feelings and my heart….
I don’t know why,
I don’t know why…